Over 100 Years of Family History

Camp Overlook

Overlook has a rich history. Built in 1894 by an admiral and transitioned into an all-girl's camp in the 1920's by my Meme. Meme, Martha Brown, is my great great grandmother and she was a strong woman. She owned this land and the land that today's Woodex sits on. When the Stock Market crashed and the Great Depression set in, she lost a lot of money and was forced to sell land. Luckily, she held on to our beautiful waterfront property. This painting was completed when the sunroom was still an exposed porch. Toby and I are planning on putting in a flag pole again, we think it fits the property. On Sunday mornings, when the sun is out and the water is calm, I feel so lucky to be standing on the same porch that my Meme stood on. Hopefully, I can live up to her expectations. Happy Sunday World!