New 2016 Packages Available


The number one question that I get from potential guests is "What's your price?" and I recently took part in a small professional development night where Price was the topic of discussion. The room filled with wedding professionals had a variety of opinions on the matter of pricing and when to reveal the price to the clients. One fact that none of us could deny is that in today's consumer world, people want to know the price before they contact you. Interesting... I have always been taught that price should not be the center of the conversation and that getting the client to tour first is best. But then I thought about my own personal shopping and I had to agree, I would rather find a product/service that lists a price then contact the staff and jump through hoops. Toby agreed with me. Therefore, for the convenience of our future guests, our 2016 packages are available for viewing on the website! I am offering three packages; The Escape, The Getaway and the Summer Vacation. Pricing is listed, but as with anything, sometimes there are changes made based on any specifics that may come up. Feel free to fill out the contact form and I will be able to give you more information after learning about what you are looking for. There are no discounts or exceptions. I hope this brave move proves to be beneficial for everyone. I know that, generally, venues do not list pricing online. Here's to being different. Happy New Year!