50 Years with the Right Man | Anniversary Party

Overlook was lucky enough to host my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary on October 1st. Sally and Bud, who met on a blind date and married shortly after. They traveled the world while Bud was in the Navy and moved home to Maine in the 1970's. From there, they renovated Overlook and started a family by adopting me in 1987. I couldn't be more blessed to have such loving and supportive parents who are true role models for what love looks like. 

Now, I also want to mention that there were some amazing vendors involved in this event! Below you will see some photos and I will provide a list with contact information.

First off, Churchill Catering... my, my, my, their food was amazing. They showed up an hour and half early to prep and help me get everything else ready! My guests loved the cheese display, beef & horseradish appetizers, and the mushroom risotto bites. Jack was most personable and carried on conversations with my curious guests. Next up, Brendan, the owner of Shuck Shack located in Portland, Maine. WOW! He brought 100 Glidden Point oysters and a great nautical display. My dad and mom love oysters, so this was a big hit. Brendan has a wonderful personality and my guests enjoyed talking to him about his business. Our music was provided by the wonderful Lee Sykes who is a local musician with amazing singing abilities. He plays at a lot of local restaurants and was the perfect pair for our dancing feet. Now for the cake, mmmmmm... locally made by Lisa Parker at Cakes for All Seasons. It was a lemon blueberry buttercream cake with a side of tapioca pudding. I couldn't have asked for a more delicious ending to our event. The flowers on the cake are from Pretty Flowers, by Amy Maloney in Brunswick, Maine. Ok, I'll stop rambling. But seriously, epic event with incredibly talented people. I am one lucky girl! (Toby is pretty lucky, too.)