Photo Credit: Kivalo Photography

Photo Credit: Kivalo Photography

Dallas and I appreciate all of the warm messages and understanding from all our inquiries. We celebrated our marriage on August 18, 2018 with 135 friends & family. We hired the best vendor friends and had an amazing week of drinking, swimming, eating and dancing. Dallas and I are bother eager to share more photos and in-depth info on all of our amazing vendors. Stay tuned!! XoXo 

PS. Toby was a handsome devil at the wedding, I'll make sure he has a featured photo for you all! 

Announcing Our Wedding | 2018 Season

Clara and Dallas | 08*18*18 #HappilyEvansAfter18


It is with great excitement that we announce our wedding for August 18, 2018. Dallas and I met in June 2014, and have since then, shared a million adventures and started an amazing journey together. On November 11, 2016, Dallas asked me to be his wife... and I said YES!

 (Toby is pretty excited, too!)

The 2018 season is closed to the public, as we are going to stay in our home and celebrate with friends and family for the summer. I'm thankful for the seasons we have had and the season we are entering now. We are open to 2019+ inquiries and questions. Thank you to everyone who is helping to make our big day an unforgettable one! I will post more entries about our amazing vendors and, of course, a bunch of photos! xoxox

50 Years with the Right Man | Anniversary Party

Overlook was lucky enough to host my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary on October 1st. Sally and Bud, who met on a blind date and married shortly after. They traveled the world while Bud was in the Navy and moved home to Maine in the 1970's. From there, they renovated Overlook and started a family by adopting me in 1987. I couldn't be more blessed to have such loving and supportive parents who are true role models for what love looks like. 

Now, I also want to mention that there were some amazing vendors involved in this event! Below you will see some photos and I will provide a list with contact information.

First off, Churchill Catering... my, my, my, their food was amazing. They showed up an hour and half early to prep and help me get everything else ready! My guests loved the cheese display, beef & horseradish appetizers, and the mushroom risotto bites. Jack was most personable and carried on conversations with my curious guests. Next up, Brendan, the owner of Shuck Shack located in Portland, Maine. WOW! He brought 100 Glidden Point oysters and a great nautical display. My dad and mom love oysters, so this was a big hit. Brendan has a wonderful personality and my guests enjoyed talking to him about his business. Our music was provided by the wonderful Lee Sykes who is a local musician with amazing singing abilities. He plays at a lot of local restaurants and was the perfect pair for our dancing feet. Now for the cake, mmmmmm... locally made by Lisa Parker at Cakes for All Seasons. It was a lemon blueberry buttercream cake with a side of tapioca pudding. I couldn't have asked for a more delicious ending to our event. The flowers on the cake are from Pretty Flowers, by Amy Maloney in Brunswick, Maine. Ok, I'll stop rambling. But seriously, epic event with incredibly talented people. I am one lucky girl! (Toby is pretty lucky, too.)

Another Successful Season

As the 2016 season is coming to a close, I am reflecting on so many things. I'm happy that Overlook has had another successful rental season and is welcoming a another wedding next year. As each week came to end, I did find myself wishing I was back inside the "mansion on the hill". 

This season brought renters from New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and the U.K. I had a lot of really interesting conversations with a variety of different people. That's one thing I love about running a rental. 

In two and half weeks, I will be moving back into Overlook with Tobias. We will be back to sunsets, porch dinners and watching the Eagles and Ospreys over the bay. I couldn't be more excited! 

Kayaking the Rocky Maine Coast

One of the most relaxing activities to do in Maine is spend the day on the water. Kayaking is a great way to get a workout, talk with your friends, and explore the coastline. Alycia and Cait had never been in kayaks before and were a little timid about getting into the boats. I can happily report that they were successful at getting in and really enjoyed themselves once they were exploring. After we were all in, we set off for the opening of the bay. Along the way we saw numerous sturgeon jumping out of the water and observed a curious seal. The wind changed direction on us and started feeling cooler, so we returned to the protection of the bay. We did a lot of drifting while holding on to each other's boats. I'm thankful for such peaceful time to catch up with these two ladies. I can't finish this post without telling everyone that Alycia fell into the ocean while trying to get out of the kayak! (She is going to love that I added this!) But, I think it is important for people to know that it happens, she lived and she even laughed about it. 

The two kayaks that they used are available for renters and they are a wider kayak model which is great for beginners and children. Here are things to remember when you decide to go out on the water:

  1. Our bodies of water are tidal, which means you need to check the tide charts that are provided for you and time your water adventures appropriately. 
  2. Maine law states that children under the age of 16 are required to wear a life jacket (which we provide), but we encourage everyone to wear a life jacket. 
  3. The rocky coast is beautiful, but those rocks can hurt. So please stay away from breaking water that might push you into the rocks. We care about our kayaks, but we care about your safety more. 
  4. Private property should be respected. Please, do not climb out of your kayak on land that isn't ours. Home owners appreciate your exploration from afar. 
  5. Wildlife is wild. Do not feed or touch the ocean animals. 
  6. Always tell someone when you are going on the water and where you plan to explore. If anything should happen, people need to know where to find you. 
  7. Children should not be on the water without adult supervision. Ever. 
  8. If anything happens to the kayaks, please report the damage. If we don't know about the damage and the next renters use the boats, you could be setting them up to get hurt. 
  9. If you tip your kayak, don't panic! Use the boat as a floatation device. Remember, if you're in the bay the floor of the bay is all sand. You can swim to shore, float in on the waves, have someone pull you, or try to flip your kayak right-side-up and climb back in. 
  10. Have Fun and take pictures! 

Bring Your Fur-Friend | Tips for Including Your Pet


Tobias, Toby, was a new import from Puerto Rico when I walked into the Brunswick Shelter and found him. My intent was to buy a new puppy, one that I could train and make my first "all-mine" pet. Wow, did that plan change! Toby's name was actually Tego, but he didn't seem to respond to that name. He was 1.5 years old. He was calm, but curious. He was excited, but quiet. I watched him for awhile and he watched me as I walked around looking at all the other dogs. I had made my way around the room and was coming back to his kennel, where I found him sitting patiently at the door, waiting for me. I opened the door and went inside, I wanted to see how he behaved up close. I sat down on his little bed and he leaped into my lap. He sat there as if he had been there his whole life. I couldn't help myself, it was like my heart knew he was my dog way before my head did. I changed his name, brought him home and the rest is history. Toby is now the King of the house (and the bed) and I can honestly say, he was the one who saved me. #bestfriend 

I know exactly how it feels when you are planning a major life event or vacation and you think "Geez, do I have to leave my fur-friend home?", no one wants to be without their beloved pets on the days that count the most. That's why we are pet friendly! Here are some helpful tips to consider when you are planning a pet-filled event or getaway:

1. How does your pet behave around other people and other animals?

Whether it is a wedding or a vacation, there will be other people around and you don't want to have to worry about how your pet will act when you are trying to relax. Remember, weddings and vacations usually include children. Your pet needs to be familiar with how to act around the little ones, too. 

2. How does your pet behave when you are not home?

If you're not sure, bring the kennel and don't feel bad about putting them inside when you aren't home. Most of the time you will be renting a home or venue and kenneling your friend is less painful than paying for damages. Also, ask about a pet waiver form when you book your stay. Most places will need you to sign something before checking-in. 

3. How will your fur-friend participate in your wedding?

Think about how you will dress your friend for your big day. Pinterest has a lot of cute ideas, but plan ahead so you can try the outfits on. Make sure your pet is comfortable, not too hot or cold and that they can use the bathroom without help. Now, once they are dressed, who will be in charge of taking care of them while you are busy marrying the love of your life? Don't just plan the moments when they will be in your ceremony, plan what they will be doing for the whole day. *I recommend having a dog sitter or walker who can attend to your friend throughout the day.

4. Who is cleaning up after your pet?

Rental homes and venues really appreciate and usually require you to pick up after your pets waste. Make sure you know the pet policy for the place you are staying - keep this in mind when you plan your pet's day. Also, please through the waste baggies into a trash bag, not just loosely into the trash bin - we don't want to touch the bags when we remove trash!

Ask about your rentals rules for pets in the house or venue. Even if they allow the pets to be on property, they may not want them on the furniture!  

5. Do your vendors know there will be an animal at the event?

It's important for your vendors to know so that they can plan and adjust. This is seriously important for your photographer and videographer. Also, caterers may make adjustments to their setup if they know a four-legged friend might be wandering around. Better safe, than sorry! 

Hopefully, those tips help. Click here to see our Pet Policy at Overlook. The moral of this ramble is that I love animals and I agree that they can be successful and important parts of your vacation or wedding. When you plan appropriately, you can make amazing memories with your fur-friends that will last forever. Toby wants me to thank you for reading this post :) Cheers! 

When People Come Together

I don't know about you, but when I get together with my best friends it usually ends in an epic adventure. In fact, we group text prior to the climatic event and review the rules, like no Facebook posts without approval from the people involved and no judging on whatever happens or is said. Typically, we make a scene and, in doing so, create memories that we laugh about for years to come. 

Some of the best things that can come from a wedding are the epic stories of when best friends and families come together. A time when you can let down your guard and embrace a week that is completely dedicated to making hilarious memories and the occasional embarrassing speeches. 

Overlook is about your best friends staying with you as you prepare to leave one world and enter into a new world, a world filled with commitment, loyalty, family, and possibly soccer games with carpooling. It's about sitting around the fire-pit listening to the music that brings you and your friends back to those school-dances and loves that didn't last. It's about laying in bed the night before your Big Day and having your best friends tell you that you're making the right choice because you have met The One. It's about watching your grandmother cry as she watches your friends try to get you into your dress without falling. It's about your best friends drinking silly amounts of Pinterest inspired cocktails while telling you how unbelievably beautiful you look in your dress. It's about knowing that you get to have your ceremony, reception, and the entire night to share with people who make your heart full. When people come together at Overlook it's an epic and unforgettable adventure.