When People Come Together

I don't know about you, but when I get together with my best friends it usually ends in an epic adventure. In fact, we group text prior to the climatic event and review the rules, like no Facebook posts without approval from the people involved and no judging on whatever happens or is said. Typically, we make a scene and, in doing so, create memories that we laugh about for years to come. 

Some of the best things that can come from a wedding are the epic stories of when best friends and families come together. A time when you can let down your guard and embrace a week that is completely dedicated to making hilarious memories and the occasional embarrassing speeches. 

Overlook is about your best friends staying with you as you prepare to leave one world and enter into a new world, a world filled with commitment, loyalty, family, and possibly soccer games with carpooling. It's about sitting around the fire-pit listening to the music that brings you and your friends back to those school-dances and loves that didn't last. It's about laying in bed the night before your Big Day and having your best friends tell you that you're making the right choice because you have met The One. It's about watching your grandmother cry as she watches your friends try to get you into your dress without falling. It's about your best friends drinking silly amounts of Pinterest inspired cocktails while telling you how unbelievably beautiful you look in your dress. It's about knowing that you get to have your ceremony, reception, and the entire night to share with people who make your heart full. When people come together at Overlook it's an epic and unforgettable adventure.