Boiled Lobsters and Corn on the Cob


People always gather in the kitchen. It is a place where people can drink wine, enjoy food and carry on meaningful conversations. If you can bear with me for a moment, I want you to imagine the lobsters boiling on the stove and the corn getting those yummy grill marks. The smell of salt water and lilacs drifting in through the windows. The sun is starting to drop which makes the colors bounce on the ocean. It's the kind of light that makes you feel special, content, and extremely relaxed. That's what makes Overlook the ultimate party house, sunsets and cocktails. Well, fresh brewed coffee and a lobster omelet are not too shabby either, you may be sleepy still, but a sunrise is great too. People always gather in the kitchen, whether to talk about true love and the amazing ceremony, or to discuss the family trip to the beach.