Kayaking the Rocky Maine Coast

One of the most relaxing activities to do in Maine is spend the day on the water. Kayaking is a great way to get a workout, talk with your friends, and explore the coastline. Alycia and Cait had never been in kayaks before and were a little timid about getting into the boats. I can happily report that they were successful at getting in and really enjoyed themselves once they were exploring. After we were all in, we set off for the opening of the bay. Along the way we saw numerous sturgeon jumping out of the water and observed a curious seal. The wind changed direction on us and started feeling cooler, so we returned to the protection of the bay. We did a lot of drifting while holding on to each other's boats. I'm thankful for such peaceful time to catch up with these two ladies. I can't finish this post without telling everyone that Alycia fell into the ocean while trying to get out of the kayak! (She is going to love that I added this!) But, I think it is important for people to know that it happens, she lived and she even laughed about it. 

The two kayaks that they used are available for renters and they are a wider kayak model which is great for beginners and children. Here are things to remember when you decide to go out on the water:

  1. Our bodies of water are tidal, which means you need to check the tide charts that are provided for you and time your water adventures appropriately. 
  2. Maine law states that children under the age of 16 are required to wear a life jacket (which we provide), but we encourage everyone to wear a life jacket. 
  3. The rocky coast is beautiful, but those rocks can hurt. So please stay away from breaking water that might push you into the rocks. We care about our kayaks, but we care about your safety more. 
  4. Private property should be respected. Please, do not climb out of your kayak on land that isn't ours. Home owners appreciate your exploration from afar. 
  5. Wildlife is wild. Do not feed or touch the ocean animals. 
  6. Always tell someone when you are going on the water and where you plan to explore. If anything should happen, people need to know where to find you. 
  7. Children should not be on the water without adult supervision. Ever. 
  8. If anything happens to the kayaks, please report the damage. If we don't know about the damage and the next renters use the boats, you could be setting them up to get hurt. 
  9. If you tip your kayak, don't panic! Use the boat as a floatation device. Remember, if you're in the bay the floor of the bay is all sand. You can swim to shore, float in on the waves, have someone pull you, or try to flip your kayak right-side-up and climb back in. 
  10. Have Fun and take pictures!