A Library of Relaxation | Vacation in Maine


If there is one thing that Overlook has plenty of, it is great books. I recently added to the collection with Bird Box by Josh Malerman, an intense psycho-thriller. It's one of those books that doesn't allow you to get bored or walk away. Anyway, our library offers a collection of new-age books, as well as, books that have been in the house for over 100 years. When we began renting, I had a book expert take a look at the ancient texts, just in case they were worth some big bucks. No such luck. BUT they are gorgeous, interesting and they have sentimental value. A lot of these books were used by my Meme to teach the girls who were attending camp. Some of them have her handwriting in them; dates, notes about teaching, questions, signatures... it's all pretty amazing to look through. I'm not sure how your vacations usually go, but in my family, a great vacation means a good book and quiet time to enjoy it. We hope you consider Overlook at the Point for your next vacation - we'd love to meet you! (Toby is wagging his tail in agreement)