Building Our Community | Mailbox Center and Message Board

Yes, this is a mailbox center. I know that you may be wondering why I am writing a blog post about a mailbox center, but there is actually a lot of history here. The land that it sits on has belonged to the Brown family for over 100 years. The house that is in the background is the house that my grandparents lived in and my father (with his two sisters) grew up in. I played on the property throughout my childhood. The original mailbox center was put together a LONG time ago, it was falling down and one tetanus shot away from killing someone. So, being that it is at the entrance to the Overlook driveway, I took the initiative to rebuild the center for the Kennebec Point community. My vision was to have a solid structure that would offer the community a place to gather, post announcements and feel connected. The message board has been a big hit so far, from announcing open houses to local events and meetings. But let's be real, I didn't actually do the building myself. I have to give all that credit to my father, Bud, and my boyfriend, Dallas. They both put a lot of sweat and time into making my vision come true. After we were done, we found out that there were some seasonal mailboxes that didn't get put on. So we had to take them ALL off again and rearrange. Dallas was a trooper and even though he was frustrated, he made them look amazing. A big thanks to our dear friend, Tony, for coming down and giving Dallas a hand. 

The plans are still in motion... I am having our contractor work on a community book exchange box. If you haven't seen these yet, get on Pinterest now. They are so adorable! They look like houses and you can keep 10-12 books inside the house. What a great way to connect the community and share some common interests. The book exchange will sit next to the mailbox center on its own post. I also plan to put out a nice bench, that way people can relax and browse through the books... or maybe just catch their breath on a morning walk. Either way, I think it will be very welcoming. Toby didn't help much with the construction, but he did oversee the project (and did a lot of sleeping in the road). I hope that our community and our guests feel the love that has gone into making this center! #community #appreciate