The Secret Life of the Sunroom

Ah, the sunroom. It has always been my favorite room in the house - next to the tower. The continuous, tall windows immerse the room in natural light and warmth. I remember coming downstairs on Christmas morning to my parents enjoying coffee and holiday music while overlooking the snowy property. The room provides the ideal cocktail room and encourages guest mingling. It's as if an energy pulls your towards the room and just makes you relax. Just ask Toby, this is his room of choice for laying in the sunshine and taking his afternoon naps.

In 1894, when the house was originally built, there was no sunroom. The room you see was actually an exposed porch (continuation of the porch that still remains along the South and East side of the house). In the 1970's, when my parents took on a million renovation projects on the house, they decided to enclose this section and make the sunroom. It is a room that I can't imagine not having. If you are familiar with New England and Maine, you know that having an indoor porch (sunroom) means that you will be able to enjoy the outdoors in all four seasons. To all who stay with us, I hope you build memories in this room - I did!