Hello World! New Waterfront Wedding Venue

The Maine coast, rocky and beautiful, makes such an amazing playground for all Summer and Fall adventures. As a teacher, anxiously waiting for Summer to come, I have always loved spending the warm months on the Georgetown coast. It's never too hot, thanks to the ocean breeze and never to cold, thanks to the thick trees and protective islands. The house has a wonderful history, which I will share with you in an upcoming post, but I want to say "Hello World" and let you all know that I am here, I am new and I am jumping into the wedding industry with both feet. Renovating the house is a huge project and I can barely take myself away from Pinterest. My sidekick, Toby, a little black and white mutt from Puerto Rico has become my mascot, best fur-friend and unique wedding venue specialist. My dream for the property is ever growing and changing, but it all stems from the belief that my little slice of Maine heaven should be shared with couples and lovers every where. I'm embracing all networking opportunities and gifting unlimited invitations to anyone who is interested in seeing the property. Now that March is finally showing us signs of sunshine and Summer, let my projects begin. First up, completing the Bridal Suite. Stay tuned for more information, pictures, and stories on how Toby and I are taking on this new Maine adventure.