More Than Just A Wedding

Maine Sunday Breakfast

Couples spend a lot of time and money planning the one day and evening that brings their loved ones together to celebrate. Overlook offers couples the ability to enjoy the other moments as well, like the morning after. With hours of speeches, dancing, mingling, eating, drinking, and pleasantries behind them - the couple can just "be" together. The morning light fills the kitchen and provides an uplifting and romantic setting for a home-cooked breakfast and fresh coffee. Leading up to an engagement and wedding are little moments that only include two people. Two people who fell in love, learned to live with each other's faults, conquered hard times, created precious memories, and decided that a life of doing so is where their hearts belong. If a couple should celebrate anything during the time of their wedding, it should be those moments. Overlook invites couples to stay for a week and enjoy each other for more than just a few busy hours. Today is a day of love, family, and good food. Toby is laying in the sunshine and I am preparing for an afternoon at my folk's. Happy Easter everyone!