Safety | Our #1 Priority


In 2015 it is incredibly easy for anyone to jump online and list their home as a rental. There are no rules about bringing the house up-to-code or making sure it is inspected for safety. Overlook at the Point is a safe and up-to-date home for your family to enjoy. 

We attend conferences and seminars that pertain to the Health and Safety of our renters and their whole family. In an effort to help you pick the right rental for you, here are somethings to check before you rent.

  • Are the fire detectors working, up-to-date, clean, and checked regularly?
  • Is there a working CO2 detector? Has it been checked?
  • How many exits are there?
  • If there are two or more stories, how do you exit from the top floors?
  • Are there enough fire extinguishers?
  • When was the deck/porch last inspected?
  • How old are the propane tanks? Has the grill been inspected?
  • If there are boats for use, have they been checked for damages lately?
  • Are the swings and hammocks safe for all sizes? 
  • If it rains, are there any leaks we should know about?

At Overlook, we promise that safety is our #1 priority and that we run through our checklist before EVERY rental arrival. If a renter finds something out of place or not working properly, we will fix/replace it that day. You can trust us with your family and pets because this is our home, too.