Sunsets and Cocktails


Maine has those breath-taking sunsets by the water that some people only dream about. Overlook at the Point has an East and a West facing porch which makes catching those elusive sunsets inevitable. Most photographers and magazine editors would tell me that the table isn't set neatly, the sun isn't right, or the food isn't well placed for the photo. I have to disagree. Welcome to my home, where Toby and I have prepared a delicious meal for the ones we love. Our dream is to allow others to experience the pure joy and beauty of this place, like we do. So I ask you to look past the wrinkles in the table cloth and the foil still on the potatoes, and see the sunset's colors bouncing off the water, feel the ocean breeze as it rolls in off the Kennebec, taste the salt in air and hear the Eagles as they swoop and soar over the Eddy. Those are the things that make a great vacation or wedding. Those are the things your soul remembers.