A Maine Coast Winter | Overlook's Snowy Wonderland

Ah, the sunrooms is a cozy 70 degrees and Steven King's short stories are keeping me entertained (fun fact: Steven King is from Maine). But the weather outside is much different, no where near 70 degrees, more like 10 degrees. Winter in Maine is always a rollercoaster ride, but this year we seem to be getting all of it in a 2 week span. Oh boy! The icicles that form just outside the windows are beautiful and fun to watch as they drip. As a child, I remember knocking them off and devouring them like a popsicle. Hah! Probably won't be doing that today. 

Dallas, my fiancee, spent about 3 hours behind the wheel of my father's truck - plowing. Overlook can prove to be tricky to plow, ever since we lined the driveway with boulders (which are now hidden). But he didn't hit any of them and he made sure that all of the driveways and parking spots were cleared. He's a good man. I think he had fun with it! Besides the work that snow produces, it is magical looking. It's almost a "reset" button for nature - cleans it all up for a fresh start. I enjoy seeing the animals tracks in the snow, not that I didn't think they were around... but it's fun to see where they have walked, jumped, and bedded down. Last night, we listened to a Great Horned Owl for about a half and hour. He or she was sending those low tone "hoo"s barreling across the snowy fields. I couldn't see the owl, but I found a picture online of what they look like. 

A Chickadee in our Lilac bush.... "chickadee dee dee"


As for me, I plan to remain in the sunroom. I even took the screen off one of the windows so that I can watch my bird friends as they feed. The Chickadees are amusing, with their ocean-wave like flight patterns, they fly to and fro from the lilac bush to the feeder. The lilac bush, which sits under the window where I lay, must provide the perfect amount of protection for them. They perch and eat and sing. Pretty little things (and our State bird)! Well, the snow isn't expected to stop until Tuesday... so who knows, you may see another post from me before this is over. Until then, I'll get back to my winter haven, down on the coast of Maine. Oh, and Toby doesn't have it too bad either. He sleeps all day and Dallas shovels walkways for him in the snow when it is time to use the bathroom. He is Overlook's tiny Prince - for sure!