Top Left to Right: Grandpa, Great Grandpa, (one of) Great Great Grandpa

Bottom Left to Right: Grandma, Great Grandma, Meme and the baby is my father 

Built by an admiral in 1894, Overlook stands tall as one of the first houses to be built on the point. In 1914 the property was purchased by Clara's Great, Great Grandmother Meme. Meme proceeded to live in the house and run the property as an all-girls wilderness camp in the 1920-1930's. The girls lived in cabins on the property, learned to swim, archery, and tennis. The grass in the yard where the tennis court was is still a different color. They would come to Overlook for their academics, which took place in our library. Many of the older books have hand-written notations in them from the 1900's. The Brown family used to own the land up the road, now Woodex, and the girls would travel there daily for their farm duties. Camp documents are available in the house for viewing. The Brown family celebrated 100 years of ownership in 2014. Clara Brown, who grew up in the house, established Overlook at the Point, LLC. in 2014 with intentions of making it a destination wedding & vacation MUST-have.